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Single source of support for the lifetime of the plant

Spare Parts & Site Services

Kuttner is your single point of contact for ongoing support throughout the lifetime of your system.  Routine inspections, training for preventative maintenance, and all necessary spare parts are supported through our expert team in Wisconsin, USA.  Strategic spare parts management, and diligent maintenance inspections will help prevent downtime and increase the life expectancy of the equipment.  With remote access, we can provide near immediate support.

inspection services:  thermal imaging cupola shell and extensive internal/external inspection of recuperatore and baghouse

Inspection Services & Re-training

Installation of a new system includes extensive training for facility engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians.  Given the current challenges with employee retention and turn-over, many facilities are facing knowledge gaps around a major system sometimes already a short time after commissioning.  Whether a system is relatively new, or 30 years old, Kuttner's staff and field engineers can help bridge those knowledge gaps.

During an inspection, Kuttner's field engineers will walk through the system, side-by-side, with your assigned personnel.  During this time, the Kuttner field engineer will point out and make note of items in need of maintenance, and will provide on-the-spot instruction for the repair.  A detailed action-item list will be generated together with prioritized list of necessary parts.  The field engineer will also provide practical guidance for parts of the system that need more frequent attentions, help trouble-shoot operational issues, and/or provide re-training of personnel.  If necessary, the inspection can be supported by a process engineer to help with further optimizations or "class-room" training.

intenral inspection of recuperator with tube thickness measurement
spare / replacement recuperator tube bundle

Spare Parts Support

Kuttner is your only North American source for OEM parts for all of our partner companies.  This includes Wuerz GmbH, Luehr Filter, and KNBS (formerly IMF of Brazil).

Our team will provide support for all types of parts, ranging from single valves or instruments through complete tube bundles assemblies for your Wuerz heat exchanger.

For our baghouse customers, we supply original Luehr Filter flat-bags and patented cages (manufactured in Germany) for all generations of Luehr systems - including replacement bags and parts for older installations by companies such as Interel, Amerex, or Lear-Siegler.

For larger refurbishment efforts, Kuttner can provide equipment and/or installation support (expert supervision and/or sub-contracted labor) to help execute the work during the allocated time of a routine plant outage.

We provide spare parts for Luehr systems - bags for Interel, bags Amerex, Lear-Siegler
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