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A strong team and good company


Our worldwide partners have been in the industry long enough to understand how important long-term relationships are. With customers and in-between affiliated companies, Kuttner North America can rely on a strong team and backup from several companies.

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Wuerz Rekuperative Waermetechnik

Wuerz engineers and designs heat recovery solutions for iron foundries, and the wood and mineral wool industries, through a variety of technologies, including:

  • Thermal combustion systems

  • Recuperators

  • Gas handling systems

  • Therma oil waste heat recovery systems

  • Air to air heat exchanges

  • Auxiliary equipment, including pumps and shot cleaning solutions

Luehr Filter

Over 60 years of proven performance continues with the Luehr Filter baghouse, optimizing the gas cleaning process. 


Luehr provides unique, patented features, including:

  • The capture of gaseous pollutants

  • A gas conditioning recycling rotor

  • Stationary or traveling filter bag cleaning device

  • Horizontal flat bag filters

Luehr Logo.png
Savelli Logo Small.JPG

Savelli Green Sand Molding

Our advanced process engineering and superior cupola technology assures that Kuttner Melt Systems meet your needs.

Your custom Kuttner Cupola Melt System will allow scrap purchasing flexibility and the greatest production flexibility, while producing consistent high-quality iron output at the lowest cost per ton.

Kuttner No-Bake Solutions

KNBS was incorporated into the KKG-Group in June 2017. Being a successor to IMF in Brazil, the company can look back on more than 30 years of experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing of equipment and facilities for the foundry industry. The focus of the company is foundries with no-bake casting processes, offering a complete equipment line from the sand mixing to the demolding of the castings, including mechanical and thermal sand recovery systems as well as shot blast machines.

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