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It is in the details

Cupola Process Consulting

Look to Kuttner for metallurgical engineering, cupola modeling, and comprehensive process engineering to meet your unique cupola melting system and environmental compliance needs. Our melt center experience includes a wide range of products and solutions to benefit your operation.

Cupola process consulting - comprehensive collection of operating data

Why Cupola Process Consulting

When your cupola was designed, it ran on very specific design criteria that may have changed, over time. Production capacity might have gone up or down, charge material might have changed, and coke quality can be variable new supply chains.

All that may have shifted your previously optimized operation to a less efficient and more costly operation than originally anticipated.

Experience Paired with Science

With our cupola process knowledge and exclusive computer modeling technology, we are able to bring you back to the profitable side of your operation. You’ll realize maximum efficiency and high-quality output, while reducing operating costs to achieve the lowest cost per ton.

Kuttner process engineers will troubleshoot your melt process using our time saving cupola simulation to compare your individual, real life, situation to an optimized operation.  This will identify operating deficiencies and provide suggestions for beneficial changes.

cupola modeling software used to predict performance or trouble-shoot poor performance
process engineering for above-charge or below-charge cupola furnace


Our extensive cupola melt system process experience and advanced computer modelling allows us to provide consulting to meet your specific needs. We custom design a solution for the features that your system demands.

These demands can include but are not limited to:

  • Above-charge and below-charge take-off cupola furnaces

  • Charge recipe modification

  • Upper stack or external CO combustion

  • Completely integrated and automated process controls

  • Refractory lined or unlined cupolas

  • Tuyere and shell water cooling systems

  • Oxygen injection or enrichment systems with integrated flow controls, complete code compliance, and optimal safety features

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