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Temperatures exactly the way you need them

Wuerz Gas-Cooler (Gas to Air)

The Wuerz Gas-Cooler (Gas to Air) combined with a Wuerz Recuperator guarantees gas temperatures that are safe enough to enter the filter or any other downstream process. It is most advantageous when installed below the recuperator, using the same on-line cleaning system.

Wuerz hot-blast recuperator and gas-cooler co-located in single tower.

Wuerz Gas-Cooler (Gas to Air) 

In addition to the recuperator bundles, the heat exchanger tower can also be equipped with gas to air tube bundles for the purpose of lowering the temperature of the flue gas.  These air bundles are located immediately below the recuperator bundles.  Flue gases pass through the cross flow, air cooled tubes and is reduced to a temperature suitable for the downstream process equipment (e.g. filter).

Continuous Steel Shot Cleaning System

A continuous, online shot cleaning system is utilized to prevent tube fouling in the recuperator and gas cooling heat exchanger.  The shot cleaning system is fully automated and eliminates the expense associated with weekly, manual, labor intensive cleaning that is commonly required on heat exchangers. This allows for steady performance over long operating campaigns.

Automated, online, continuous "ball-rain" cleaning system provides steady operation over long campaigns
Easily exchangeable gas-to-air tube bundles; lifetimes usually exceed 10 to 15 years

Exchange of Bundles

Much like the recuperator, access to the air cooler tube bundles is from the side of the tower.  The design of the tower and gas cooler bundle are such that each bundle can be removed without disassembly of the housing.

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