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Specialized in customized solutions

Gas Filtration

Kuttner North America is your single source for all resources and expertise within the Kuettner family of companies. Together with our global colleagues at KKG-Group, Luehr Filter, and Wuerz, we provide complete system solutions, customized to meet your unique needs.

Luehr Filter state of the art baghouse; baghouse for waste incinerator

Particulate - PM10, 2.5

Emission limits are becoming more stringent and stack test methodologies are becoming more accurate for measurement of extremely low levels of particles, condensable particles, and even specific particles sizes.  At the same time, operators are being tasked with doing more with less.  In this climate, industry needs innovative and proven filter technology to meet emission performance requirements while consuming minimal time and energy from operating and maintenance personnel.  Luehr Filter baghouse technology provides extremely high performance together with minimal daily / weekly maintenance attention. 

In some cases, higher levels of particulate, and fine particulate (PM10, 2.5) control will require filter systems with lower air to cloth ratios.  This presents a major challenge for existing facilities with tight space constraints. 


The extremely small footprint that is possible with the Luehr Filter flat-bag technology is a major advantage for existing operators that find themselves facing more stringent permit limits at facilities that are short on space.

Luehr Filter state of the art baghouse; baghouse for cupola furnace
Luehr Filter patented support cage and flat bag - provides exceptionally long fabric service life

For facilities with existing or new requirements for control of condensable particulate, metallic HAPs, fume, or acid gases, the additive rich “filter cake” on the surface of the flat-bags is the last line of defense for control of these emissions via chemical or physical sorption.  Maximizing the depth of the filter cake provides for increased opportunity for these pollutants to come into contact with the additive particles and be collected on the surface of the filter. 


The unique flat-bag technology of the Luehr Filter system, together with the patented support cage and strategic cleaning of the filter bags, allows for the maximum depth of filter cake while maintaining low differential pressure.

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