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Steel works

Strong Partners for different Molding Types

Molding Lines

With our affiliated companies Savelli / Italy and Kuttner No-Bake Solutions / Brazil, we cover the complete spectrum from green sand molding to resin-based molding. This includes, the ancillary parts of the plant like sand reclamation, air filtration, and controls.

Savelli - complete green sand molding systems

Green Sand Molding

Savelli, legal name Savelli Technologies Srl – is a company today owned by Savelli Holding Srl and by KKG-Group and is a worldwide leader in the Green Sand Foundry field – its activity started in 1842 from a one-man blacksmith shop.

Kuttner No-Bake Solution (KNBS)

KNBS was incorporated into the KKG Group in June 2017. Being a successor to IMF do Brazil, the company can look back on more than 30 years of experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing of equipment and facilities for the foundry industry.

Complete no-bake molding systems from Kuttner No-Bake Solutions (KNBS)
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