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Specialized in customized solutions

Cupola Off-Gas-Systems

The combination of efficient combustion, heat recovery, gas cooling and filtration has to be balanced and reliable. Each step of the process must compliment the upstream / downstream operations. Kuttner North America provides this complex arrangement with experience, calculation, and practical know-how for the application. 

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Cupola Off-Gas-System

Like your furnace, the off-gas-system is a complex combination of several processes.

Even if this system is very often regarded as a unavoidable attachment to the furnace, the right design of gas combustion, heat recovery, gas cooling and gas cleaning can be saving or even earning money.

Off-Gas-Systems by Kuttner North America are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance. Just the way your board likes it! 


The recuperator has been the workhorse in energy recovery for decades. With the recuperator, the cupola furnace is able to "recycle" a great portion of energy that would otherwise be lost up the exhaust stack. Not only does this save on operating cost, but it also allows for smoother operation of the cupola.


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Exhaust Gas Cooling Technologies

Any process gas needs to be cooled down, before it can be cleaned or otherwise used in the process. You have a choice in cooling down by different means, partially being able to reuse the energy that is still contained in the heat.

Kuttner North America offers the following solutions:

Wuerz:  Gas to Thermal Oil

Wuerz:  Gas to Air

Luehr:   Gas to Air

Air Pollution Control

Our Air Pollution Control (APC) technology has been successfully installed in hundreds of facilities around the world.  The references range from highly efficient PM filter systems to multi-pollutant (PM, PM2.5, SOx, NOx, HCl, PCDD/PCDF, Hg, heavy metals) removal systems with varying sorption techniques and varying additive injection systems.

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