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Specialized in customized solutions

Green Sand Molding

Today, Savelli (legal name Savelli Technologies Srl) is comprised of a group of managers and technical experts in sales, engineering, automation, manufacturing, and installation of machinery and equipment for the foundry industry.

Francesco Savelli, Paolo Savelli, Maurizio Botticini, Mauro Boldi, Roberto Tura, and Guido Gilberti have decided to join their forces, knowledge, and experience gained, in over 20 years, to create a new foundry technologies center for the metal casting industry.

Complete green sand molding systems from Savelli - horizontal flask molding lines and sand systems
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Green Sand Molding

Savelli is a company owned by Savelli Holding Srl (Brescia, Italy) and KKG-Group (Essen, Germany) each having 50% of the shares.


Savelli is an industry leader with great skill in the design and installation of customized, high-performance machines for foundries which use the “Green Sand” molding process for iron, steel, and aluminum castings. In particular, the new Savelli is present on the global market as a new supplier of horizontal flask molding lines and sand preparation and return systems. Savelli is able to offer high tech solutions for completely new systems, as well as upgrades for existing systems.

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