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Wuerz Gas-Cooler (Gas to Thermal Oil)

Mineral oil heat transfer medias have proven their suitability for the heating of industrial processes in everyday operation. They show high temperature stability and can be used in continuous operation without pressurization up to 570°F.

State of the art Wuerz heat exchanger uses thermal oil to extract heat from dirty exhaust gas

Waste Heat Boiler for Thermal Oil

A waste heat boiler for thermal oil can be operated at high inlet temperatures of the flue gas. They are particularly beneficial for flue gases with potentially corrosive elements and for applications with widely fluctuating heat input.

The energy in the oil can be converted to other forms of energy in other heat exchange media.

  • Thermal oil heated water heaters

  • Thermal oil heaters air heated

  • Thermal oil heated steam generators

Thermal oil "shock-bundles" above recuperator provide thermal protection for the recuperator tubes
Automated, online, continuous "ball-rain" cleaning system for the complete heat exchanger

Continuous Steel Shot Cleaning System

A continuous, online shot cleaning system is utilized to prevent tube fouling in the recuperator, thermal oil heat exchanger, and gas to air heat exchanger.  The shot cleaning system is fully automated and eliminates the expense associated with weekly, manual, labor intensive cleaning that is commonly required on heat exchangers. This allows for steady performance over long operating campaigns.

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