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The right solution for every application

Heat Exchanger

Kuttner North America combines extensive heat exchange engineering expertise with the global technological resources of the KKG-Group of companies. Contact Kuttner North America for single source engineering and complete systems, individual parts, service, and technical support.

Wuerz recuperator with continuous online "ball-rain" cleaning system; heat recovery is a direct reduction in coke/fuel usage

Heat Recovery

The clean and dirty gas heat recovery systems from Kuttner North America offer proven performance for increased operational efficiency.  Kuttner’s systems combine years of engineering expertise with our worldwide resources and capabilities to provide customized solutions to meet your energy recovery needs.

Wuerz Gas-Cooler Gas to Thermal Oil

The Wuerz Gas Cooler using thermal oil as heat transfer medium offers an extreme small footprint with the ability to use the thermal oil as heat source for other processes (e.g. Make Up Air Heating, Drying Processes, Electrical Power Generation etc.).

This cooler, integrated in our tower design, is suitable for the online cleaning system that is exclusively offered by Kuttner and Wuerz.

Wuerz recuperator in Provo Utah, recuperator puts heat directly back into cupola resulting in lower coke-rates.
Wuerz recuperator tube-bundle; modular and easily replaceable; service life usually in range of 10 to 15 years.

Wuerz Gas-Cooler Gas to Air

Similar to the cooler with thermal oil, this type of cooler is integrated into our heat recovery and cooling tower design. It is therefore suitable to be used with our online cleaning system that guarantees long lasting, stable operations with minimal maintenance.

Luehr Gas-Cooler Gas to Air

This robust technology, often combined with the Luehr Filter Air Pollution Control technology, offers a wide range of advantages for footprint, consistent cooling performance, and corrosion resistance. A continuous online cleaning system for the cooling tubes prevents decay of heat exchanger performance over long campaigns.

Luehr Filter gas cooler with continuous, online, cleaning sytem.
Highest efficiency heat exchanger - natural gas combustion can reduce coke consumption and is more environmentally freindly

Gas Fired Preheater

The efficiency of the new generation of blast preheaters of up to 80% will guarantee a fast return of investment. In addition, together with the much lower CO2 footprint of the overall cupola operation, this system prepares you for the upcoming environmental challenges in foundry operations.

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