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Turn the "have-to" into an advantage

Controls and Automation

Kuttner calls foundry its home. Decades of experience, learning, and listening to customers have given us the comprehensive understanding that no operation is equal to another. As different as the applications are, so are the controls systems. For any kind of controls needs, Kuttner North America is able to get into your system, understand it, and modify it in the way that fits your specific needs.

Complete and customizable controls systems - DCS, PLC, remote IO.


PLC and HMI have changed quite a bit over the last 30 years. Functions deemed impossible due to high data storage requirements or processing speeds years ago, can now be implemented with ease. The trending and storage of data has increased exponentially. Accessibility to your system can be limited to between only the operator and the HMI or expanded to everywhere in the world, via your smart phone. Modern, normal bus-application makes data transfer not the exception, but the rule.

There are a lot of controls system providers out there, and there are a lot of possibilities to approach your system. We are not going the easiest way (that others may want to go), but we will try to incorporate new ideas and state of the art developments instead of repeating the same old mistakes again. We are guided by the vision that a good automation system follows your needs, and not that your foundry follows the needs of the automation system.

With experience in different automation systems like Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, and Mitsubishi, we are able to find your solution.

HMI and operator screens for complete automation of the system.  Graphics can be customized to match existing, legacy, system
Complete, pre-fabricated, e-rooms with all equipment shop installed and tested before delivery to site.

Revamping and Migration of Aged Systems

The great advantages of new automation systems come with one big disadvantage: Providers of automation systems will not be able to keep your special automation system hardware and software updated for the lifetime of the mechanical equipment. For you, that normally means migrating your automation system from an older version to the newest on the market at least once in the lifetime of your equipment, for both hardware and software.



Migration of an outdated system to the latest available technology carries a cost. However, there is a possibility to offset some of these costs by making operational improvements, as part of the migration. When working together, with Kuttner, such a migration project is a great opportunity for implementing new functions, improving tracking or trending, and making the system more reliable and easier for personnel to operate. There are enough companies out there that will make you a special price for exactly the same operating conditions that have troubled you and your operators for years. Let us work together by using Kuttner’s foundry process experience consulting and weighing out the best options.

Migration and/or consolidation of old legacy systems.  New systems from Allen-Bradley, Siemens, or ABB
Power distribution and motor controls via classic MCC or smaller IEC combination starters

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Systems have developed into a whole new field within automation systems during the last two decades. Bus and Smart connections allow for monitoring of functions and parameters that are essential tools for modern maintenance.

We understand that the diversity of different systems can be overwhelming for some of our customers. We are here to build bridges into these new technologies. We are also able to keep your system the way you have been working with it, for the decades.



Having customers all over the world, Kuttner is able to compare different technologies for motor starters. Motor controls are not so much differentiated by industry or applications, but rather by the regions of the world where they are used.

The common IEC Starter Combination is very popular in Europe whereas the more rigid construction of MCC’s is more common in the USA, India, and China. The advantage of the IEC Starter Technology is that it is a more cost-effective approach for implementation of special features for your motor starter projects. IEC Starter Combinations are fully approved by NEW for projects in North America.

Power distribution and motor controls via classic MCC or smaller IEC combination starters
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