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Specialized in customized solutions

No-Bake Molding

KNBS is the successor of IMF do Brazil, a former affiliate of IMF from Italy. We own the complete IP and know-how of IMF and can support with any former IMF-Technology.

Together with KKG Group, KNBS has global know-how in foundry equipment for no-bake process, plus all the acquired experience of more than 30 years. 

Roll over and mold handling - transfer cars, automatic closing for molds and flasks, stripping, fast loop.

Kuttner No-Bake Solutions (KNBS)

KNBS was incorporated into the Kuttner Group in June 2017. Being a successor to IMF do Brazil, the company can look back on more than 30 years of experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing of equipment and facilities for the foundry industry. The focus of the company is on foundries with no-bake casting processes, offering a complete equipment line from the sand mixing to the demolding of the castings, including mechanical and thermal sand recovery systems, as well as shot blast machines.


KNBS headquarters is located in Piracicaba / São Paulo - Brazil, with its own facilities for engineering, manufacturing, and technical assistance. From there, it attends mainly to the Brazilian and Latin America market. In the USA and Canada, KNBS is represented by Kuttner North America LLC located in Port Washington, WI. Kuttner can provide no-bake foundries with specific process knowledge and machinery, as well as supply spare parts and technical assistance for foundries that are working with existing IMF equipment on complete new no-bake with KNBS.

Pneumatic sand transport, sand recovery towers, thermal sand recovery, chemically bonded sand equipment.
Continuous mixers

Product Line

The Product Line includes:

  • Continuous sand mixers for chemical bonded sand

  • Vibratory compaction tables

  • Mold painting stations

  • Chain manipulators

  • Complete no-bake molding line with fast loop and rollover

  • Shake-out stations up to 6000x4000mm and 100t capacity

  • Mechanical and/or thermal sand reclamation systems

  • Shot blast machines



We are able to develop special equipment to meet specific demands of our customers. KNBS provided specific equipment for one customer's process, in the area of mold preparation and handling.


KNBS has the capability to also perform mechanical and electrical design. This includes both hardware and software of the systems, and an in-house team of specialized technicians who are responsible for the testing and start up at the plants.  They provide complete after sales assistance, and support, when required.

Complete & custom equipment solutions:  continuous mixer, roll-over, mold closing, sand & sand reclamation, shake-out.
Continuous mixers, Simpson, Simposio

KKG-Group, together with its affiliated companies Kuttner No-Bake Solutions and Kuttner North America can offer state of the art complete plants: from melting to molding, casting and finishing, melt shops, ladle handling systems, no-bake molding loop solutions with mixers and vibrating tables, shake-out stations with mechanical and/or thermal sand reclamation systems, and dedicated dedusting systems. The supply of spare parts and technical assistance is provided not only for new plants but also for existing IMF equipment, making Kuttner your single source provider for equipment for the No-Bake Line.


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