Recuperator tower - 20,000 scfm @ 1,150°F

Dirty Gas Heat Recovery Systems

Kuttner North America continues to set the standard for dirty gas recuperative hot blast air systems.

Our modular engineering and design allow for future upgrades, ease of maintenance and replacement, and effectively minimizing down time. In addition, our system approach helps to reduce energy consumption and operating costs by capturing and reusing waste energy that is normally discarded.

Captured waste heat can be used for heating plant make up air; core, sand, and paint drying; and regeneration of the desiccant wheel for blast and compressed air dehumidification.

Our process of cooling gases to 320°F (and lower) without water increases bag life and reduces corrosion, thereby reducing down time and maintenance costs.

Additional benefits:

  • "Shock” bundle for extended recuperator tube life
  • Thermal oil recirculation for precise outlet gas temperature control
  • Continuous tube cleaning for optimal heat transfer
  • Process and blast waters
  • HB temps